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8 Episodes

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8 Episodes

Laoag City


Laoag city in the northern Philippines is a metropolis on the rise, but economic success is a double-edged sword for this town, streets are overrun with garbage, electricity is in short supply.

Kaohsiung, Taiwan


For over 50 years Taiwan’s port city of Kaohsiung was an industrial powerhouse, but as industries flourished and the population expanded, unchecked urban growth led to severe air and water pollution.

The Island City of Penang


Penang, Malaysia is a bustling metropolis that's a manufacturing powerhouse, it's also an island city who attracts tourists all year round, but this expansion comes with great risk.

The Robots of Fukuoka


Japan is a place where old and new coexist and innovation never stops. Inventive minds are racing to develop sustainable technologies that can ensure the security of their nation.

Singapore's Garden of the Future


Singapore is the economic jewel in the heart of south-east Asia, but it imports almost everything it needs to function and a booming population is turning the island into a dense concrete jungle.

Guangzhou: China's Powerhouse


Guangzhou, an economic powerhouse and south China's largest metropolis, but the city is under threat from its own success.

Tianjin: The City of the Future


China is booming, but it's not without cost. Rampant development has taken a heavy toll on the environment whilst a burgeoning population strains resources.

The Gorgeous Island of Phuket


The island of Phuket’s blue waters and palm-fringed beaches have made it a magnet for tourism fuelling an economic surge that began in the late 20th century.