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5 Episodes

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5 Episodes

Episode 01


After suffering a nervous breakdown William Travers turned his back on law and moved his family to Suffolk. Now he risks his family’s quiet life by agreeing to defend an old friend accused of murder.

Episode 02


As Travers is drawn into Newall's case, he finds himself plunged into a conspiracy which stretches far beyond the courtroom while fighting off the forces that threaten to destroy him once again.

Episode 03


Sure that the missing laptop will hold the key, Travers and Natalie Chandra visit the scene of the crime and meet the chambermaid who will become a key witness.

Episode 04


With Wenborn breathing down Travers’ neck, the pressure begins to mount as he and Chandra discover that Lucy Wilson had a history of blackmail, strengthening the prosecution's case against Newall.

Episode 05


The trial finally begins and the prosecution and defence go head-to-head in a battle that goes way beyond the personal between Travers and Forbes-Watson, but is this really the final chapter?