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Shamwari Untamed

13 Episodes

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13 Episodes

Episode 01


An introduction to the daily life of the Shamwari Wildlife Department. It takes a team effort between vets, ecologists and wildlife managers to sustain this diverse ecosystem for future generations.

Episode 02


The wildlife team is in a race against time to find the black rhino calf which split up from its mother after their release back to the reserve. The rough terrain doesn't make the search any easier.

Episode 03


John starts the challenging process to introduce a male leopard onto Shamwari which will improve the genetic diversity of the resident leopard population.

Episode 04


John monitors the new leopard with a satellite tracking device and also explains more unique methods that he is using to help the leopard to adapt to his new surroundings.

Episode 05


The wildlife team is informed about a dead rhino in the river and they immediately investigate. Johan is concerned that the cause of the rhino's death might be poachers so decides to do an autopsy.

Episode 06


Shamwari is home to two predominant lion prides, each of which is defending their own territory on the reserve. The team has to manage their breeding in order to maintain genetic diversity.

Episode 07


The anti-poaching tracking dog named Blade and his handler Kabous are being put to the test. During an exercise on the reserve, Blade follows a scented track and must attack on command.

Episode 08


Dr Johan Joubert is determined to capture a group of hippos. The Shamwari Wildlife Department has to move the group from the capture site to the enclosure, a process that is very challenging!

Episode 09


Dr Johan Joubert gets word about an injured cheetah on the reserve. They catch the injured cheetah on foot through dense brush - and Dr Johan quickly learns that it needs surgery.

Episode 10


The wildlife department moves the family of hippos that they captured a week ago to another reserve to start a new hippo population, but drama unfolds when one of the hippos bends the enclosure gate.

Episode 11


The team manage to successfully complete the task of moving a family herd of ten elephants to their new home by anaesthetising them from a helicopter and loading them onto a big transport truck.

Episode 12


Megan struggles to get an orphaned giraffe at the rehabilitation centre to drink milk. Persistence pays off as the giraffe quickly regains its strength after it learns to drink milk out of a bottle!

Episode 13


The team takes a trip down memory lane and reflects on the year gone by. They meet at a sundowner spot on the reserve and relive all the good and bad times that make their working lives so special!