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7 Episodes

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7 Episodes

Operation Summer Recreation


Visit Seeley Lake, Montana, as the wardens from Region 2 are kept busy with the summer recreation crowd.

Operation Rocky Mountain Front


Game wardens are kept busy as they're out catching poachers, tracking down trespassers and checking tags.

Operation Check Point


In this episode, Wardens chronicles the lives of Conservation Officers in America.

Operation Crow Creek


Wardens patrol on horseback in search of poachers, and other wardens track down illegal hunters and anglers.

Operation Whitefish


In this episode, wardens come across a gruesome crime involving deer poachers and Captain Jeff Darrah retires.

Operation White Sulpher


The wardens deal with conflicting hunting stories, and also with trespassers as the hunting season ends.

Operation Recap


Sit down with the guys as they give their insight into what it's like to be Montana Game Wardens.