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13 Episodes

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13 Episodes

All Hands Off Deck


Candice and Guy spent a lot of time and money on their kitchen, however their front deck is about to collapse.

House Of Broken Drains


Leona ignored the leaks and put money into other rooms. Kristi steps in and gets Leona’s priorities in order.

What’s Your Tinfoil?


Stephen and Christiane have lived with a leaky tub for years. Kristi is horrified when she sees their pipes.

Safe Haven


Lynda’s focus is on making her home pretty which means she’s missing what’s actually causing all the damage.

Water Woes


Widow Marilynn is trying to manage her large house and pool on her own, but is ignoring major water issues.

Safety Second


Randy and Drew have ignored their unsafe garage. They need to act quickly to avoid a disaster.

Getting Antsy


Kristi finds carpenter ants gnawing away at the supporting wall of Lilian and Rod’s kitchen.

Inaction Infraction


Joanne and Tom have a mistrust of contractors to the point where their home needs so many repairs.

Ground Control


Chris and Denise have many unfinished projects in their house, one is the derelict back deck.

Oh Rats!


A couple have a rat problem but they’re using the money on a specialized education for their dyslexic son.

Power Failure


A couple’s house is in peril from above and below, dangerous wiring in the attic and flooding in the basement.

Bella And The Beam


Ross and Jay have a chaotic home full of unfinished repair projects. Kristi’s come to fix their house.

If This Wall Could Talk


Selina and John have covered up the weeping wall in their family room and ignored the silverfish infestation for years. It’s time to stop the leaks and repair the damage before it gets any worse.